Note from the author:
The Music Fairies and the Tiny Little Door was inspired by the students at my private music studio where I teach piano, violin and viola. I’ve searched for, dreamt up, and tried out many ways to gently encourage my students to focus on their music making both during the lesson and at home. I’ve told tales about a wizard who gifts powerful musical trinkets to me, such as my old violin rosin that only appears to be magic because the student’s rosin isn’t broken in yet. For years, my students and I have cared for musical SeaMonkeys that grow when they hear music. But of all these tales, nothing has had quite the impact of The Music Fairy system. So much so that even some of my teenage students are excited to receive and collect magical fairy notes of encouragement. I’m thrilled to share this teaching tool with you, and I hope it’s as successful in your classroom and music studio as it is at my own.

The Music Fairy Door:                     
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The 3 Step Music Fairy System

1. Order and install a fairy door.
2. Order and share copies of the book:

• For new students: either read The Music Fairies and the Tiny Little Door during their first or second lesson, or have a parent purchase a copy to read to the new student at home.
• For current students: we recommend waiting until the fairy door is installed before sharing the story.

3. Reward students with a personalized fairy note. They can be handwritten using precut fairy cards available on Etsy, or download the template to create, print and cut out your own. Message examples:

• “Congratulations on finishing your lesson book!”
• “You gave such a wonderful performance!”
• “Great job learning such a challenging piece!”

Sign the message “Sincerely, The Music Fairies”, fold, seal with a sticker, and write the student’s name on the back. Give notes to students at their next lesson.

Note: When a student’s focus begins to deteriorate during a lesson, remind them that “the Music Fairies are listening and they enjoy hearing students try their best.” Usually, this simple reminder recaptures their focus.

Fairy Note Options: 
  1. Precut fairy notes and music stickers available on Etsy.
  2. Download the template to type, print, and cut out your own personalized fairy notes:  
    Music Fairy Note Template